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Stress Less ® 'Minding the Body'® Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program by Dr. Ed Abramson
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The Stress Less ®Minding the Body ® Self-help audio Program for weight conscious consumers who want to learn how to control their emotional eating patterns! We know that 47% of people overeat due to stress, and 75% of obese dieters eat due to negative emotions, such as anxiety and depression. As a result, 25% of all adults are actively dieting... losing and gaining over and over again. Research confirms that diets don't work! Long-term strategies are needed for healthy weight maintenance. The Stress Less® Minding the Body® program teaches you to control your eating patterns as a result of negative emotions. You will learn to develop your desired weight level using clinically proven behavior change techniques. From Dr. Ed Abramson,An internationally recognized expert on obesity, dieting and eating disorders, who lectures around the world. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a member of the American Psychological Association. He is the author of 'Behavioral Approaches to Weight Control,' 'Emotional Eating,' 'To Have and To Hold' and 'Body Intelligence.' Dr. Abramson has also appeared on 'Hard Copy,' '20/20,' PBS and 'Good Day LA' in addition to many other television and radio programs. emotional-eating specialist and Professor of Psychology at CSU. 1 hr. 5 min. "It's Amazing how good you can feel, when your mind is in shape®" QUANTITY DISCOUNTS.CONTACT US AT CUSTOMERSERVICE@STRESSLESS.COM There is a substantial growing body of scientific and clinical knowledge which demonstrates an inextricable interaction between mind and body. Such an approach empowers individuals and organizations to assume greater responsibility for health as a basis for the development of a true health care system. “The program has been very useful and has helped me control my eating habits. I have even given it to a friend of mine and she has also seen the benefits” -B.K., Alameda, CA “The program has really helped me a lot and I have used the entire tape. It really helps to control my eating during those peak hunger hours throughout the day when I crave food the most. I will continue to use it as much as I can” -K.E., La Jolla, CA SEE OTHER WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS AND PRODUCTS IN OUR DIET/NUTRITION AREA AND CLEARANCE SALE!

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