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The Stress Less ® Feel Better Kit ® Stress Reduction and Wellness Program
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The Stress Less ® Feel Better Kit/Program ® teaches you how to train your mind to positively control your life, helping you to naturally feel better, both physically and mentally. When your mind is in shape, you will: -Learn how your thinking controls everything about you and what you think is how you feel. You will learn skills to neutralize your thoughts and change negative thoughts to positive, health producing actions. Be able to relax at will. -Permanantly change the neuronal composition of your brain to conform to your new thoughts and feelings literally changing the “hardwire” of your brain. -Be able to deal with issues in a rational, positive way reducing the stress and anxiety of making decisions -Know you possess all the known tools and techniques to face the guaranteed up’s and down’s of life with total resilience and confidence -Improve your relationships -Find the real; true you and your purpose in life -Determine how successful and financially secure you would like to be and develop a game plan to achieve your goals -Learn how to remove fear and procrastination and move out of your comfort zone into totally new, life affirming experiences -Have an overall positive frame of life and see how you rightly fit into its beautiful interconnected nature -Improve your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being -Have better control of your emotions -Value and appreciate how proper diet/nutrition affect your thoughts and health and adjust your actions accordingly resulting in better health and weight ratios -Learn how to motivate yourself to achieve anything you want -Experience happiness knowing you are doing everything humanly possible to make your life as good as it can be “It’s amazing how good you can feel, when your mind is in shape” ® This straightforward, user-friendly kit shows you the way via a combination of mind-control, relaxation, diet, and exercise principles developed by a renowned team of psychologists, physicians, nutritionists, physiologists, and seasoned executives who have practiced the methods detailed in this 8-week/session program.Contributing authors include Dr. Paul Fair, Psychologist;Steve DeFrank, Exercise Physiologist; and Kathleen Zelman, Registered Dietitian (See Expert Content Providers for details). All-inclusive kit includes: introductory Stress Less® video; six specially developed Stress Less® relaxation audio programs, interactive stress-relief exercises, a preventive wellness program, and personal, Stress Less® workbook/journal to record progress. The Stress Less® "Feel Better Kit"® is a fabulous value with over $200 in products alone included in addition to a comprehensive 8 week course designed to help you feel better by reducing your stress. *Over $200 in products included *20% off on all Stress Less® products during 8 Week period(starts one week after order is placed) *Special Web location for Stress Less® Feel Better Kit® owners only providing in-depth information on the course and related subject matter, updates, special offers, discounts, and more. Plus a money-back guarantee! Order your Stress Less® Feel Better Kit® today and feel better for the rest of your life! QUANTITY DISCOUNTS ALONG WITH ON-LINE AND IN PERSON TRAINING/ON LOCATION TRAINING AVAILABLE. CONTACT US AT STRESSCOACH@STRESSLESS.COM There is a substantial growing body of scientific and clinical knowledge which demonstrates an inextricable interaction between mind and body. Such an approach empowers individuals and organizations to assume greater responsibility for health as a basis for the development of a true health care system.

Feel Better Kit Testimonials 1. “Participation in the Feel Better Kit was easily woven into my daily schedule. I learned to recognize stressors and to deal with them effectively. Sometimes it was tempting to skip a session if I didn’t feel stressed at the time, but sticking to it really did help me feel better! It had very attractive packaging and presentation. The material is inviting and it encourages participation. I liked the balanced approach in acknowledging the mind/body connection, which was very important” -P.B., Hickory, NC 2. “I would recommend the Feel Better Kit because it tells you the correct ways of eating, and overall stress dealing. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m letting my mother read and hear what you have to say for her stress handling. I also feel that the cassette tapes are lovely. Everything comes in a nice little box to hold it all” -M.R., Houston, MS 3. “I would recommend this product to another club member. It helped me tremendously. I feel that I got to know my feelings and myself more because it taught me how to relax. I realize now how important it is to take care of me first. I feel like a brand new person. The presentation of the kit is beautiful. The layout of the book made it easy to use. I love the smell of the scented candle” -J.L., Copiague, NY 4. “I would recommend this product to others. I work many hours and stress is always present. I found this program helpful in relieving some of my stress, but I believe I really need to go through the program more than once (for me anyway) to help me to really relax (something that doesn’t come easy for me as I am constantly on the go)”-D.P., Moosup, CT 5. “I feel this kit when used properly will essentially lower the stress of the user. It covered many different ways i.e. tapes, bath oils, meditation, diary to attack the individual’s stress, which was very effective”-C.R., Akron, OH 6. “It is easy to use and a product that you really want to get in and use right away! It is beneficial even if you don’t finish the Kit. The caffeine part helped me and it was very informative. I don’t have one negative thing to say about the FBK!” -D. E., Deerfield, IL 7. “It has good information and is put together well to manage your stress!”- M. W., Erie, IL 8. “I like that it doesn’t focus on one aspect of healing, it pulls in the whole picture! It seems to include everything: fitness, yoga, aromatherapy and numerous ways to help you manage stress in the way you want to choose. It provided so many options there for you already at your fingertips!” -J. H., Woodbridge, VA 9. “Just the ticket. It helped me tremendously manage and reduce my stress. I never had an effective way to manage my stress before using the Stress Less Feel Better Kit!” -S. K., Joliet, IL 10. “It is very peaceful and having it has helped me relax. It has also helped my daughter sleep because she has had problems sleeping through the night. It is beautifully put together and the products are very helpful, especially for the baths that I like to take!” -P. L., Long Beach, CA 11. “The programs are helpful and the tapes help me to relax! I like the different relaxation tapes and the order that they are in! The kit is also useful because it gives structured exercises and they are tested tools that work.” -N.B., Concord, CA 12. “It is well balanced and easy to understand and follow. The kit is put together beautifully and is the best thing I have ever seen. It is great to use because it combines a lot of things like diet and mental training” -S.B., Pleasant Plain, IL 13. “The kit is so comprehensive and covered a lot of stuff. It is very easy to read and also very easy to use” -D.G., Warminster, PA 14. “I liked the kit and especially the relaxation tapes, they really helped me to relax” -J.P., Slidell, LA 15. “The kit was very well put together and easy to follow. There was a lot of information to use and learn!” -J.L., Sacramento, CA 16. “I liked how the kit was set-up and the different aspects of it. I especially liked the relaxation tapes that come along with the program” -J.B., Atlanta, GA 17. "I enjoyed the relaxation cassette tapes a lot. The Feel better Kit and the relaxation tapes have helped me to relax and they are always there for me when I need them!"-A.U., Hendersonville, NV 18. "I have used the Feel Better Kit and have enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoy the integration of the kit because it covers everything and not just one aspect of relaxation. I especially liked the meditation and relaxation parts of the kit." -S.B., Pleasant Plain, IL. 19. "I love the total package of the Feel Better Kit. I like how you can do a lot of things like relaxation techniques, calming exercises, taking time to look at your life, etc. I really enjoy the audio relaxation tapes and the introductory video. I also like the fact that it is always there for me to go back to when I don't have the time to use it." -J.F., Oradell, NJ 20. "I like the way the Feel Better Kit is set-up and presented. I enjoy the entire kit and very much enjoy using it.” -P.P., Hapeville, GA 21. "I have used the Feel Better Kit and think that it has helped me to relax and feel better. I like listening to the relaxation cassettes, especially the tranquil meditation tape."-G.B., Los Angeles,

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