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Stress Less® Domain-Website-Trademarks-Products For Sale!
Retail Price: $5,000,000.00
Sale Price: $1,500,000.00
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Stress Less Clearance or Warehouse Reduction items have been drastically marked down due to our discontinuing the item or an overstock situation. Therefore, we will need to assess a 20% restocking fee for all returned items.

Stress Less® Inc. is selling it's domain name (,sophisticated, interactive website, and all US trademarks and products (See below) Cantact Al Kitchen at 404-303-0002 for details. Proof of funds will be required.

Stress Less® Investment Opportunity I. Background/Description *Founded in 1993, Incorporated in 1994, and in 1995 Angel funds were raised for a test catalog which lead to the building of a direct response infrastructure of: 1.) Catalogs which Catalog Age cited as “Stress Less catalog has superb, useful and wonderful products”. 2.) Interactive, content rich e-commerce site ( with on-line, downloadable programs/music; free stress assessments; and on-line real time counselors/advisors which lead to the web site having been lauded in the Purple Book, a definitive guide to Exceptional on-line shopping, as “one of the best in the Health and Beauty category”. Organic placement on page one of top 10 Search Engines and stores on EBay and Amazon. 3.) Creation and production of 36 Stress Less proprietary products (Lifestyle, Relaxation, emotional eating, and anxiety programs) authored by leading Doctors/authorities in the fields of psychology, diet/nutrition, and exercise with the signature Feel Better Kit being “endorsed by the 125,000 member Health and Wellness Club” and featured as a contestant prize on the CBS Television show, The Price is Right. 4.) 14 U.S. Trademarks for retail store/catalog services, vitamins/herbs, massagers, aromatherapy, biofeedback, homeopathy, clothing, newsletters, greeting cards, candles, books, CD’s, video/audiotapes, beds/pillows/mattresses, and behavior change programs. 7 Active and 7 inactive with “first use rights”. 5.) On-line content is original, copyrighted material and includes: *a 25 page, 12,000 word, 177 bibliographic treatise on stress *12 page, 350 word stress facts with constant updates *211 question, validated stress assessment with 13 page recommendation leading to a 1.2% order conversion rate @ $54.30 avg. order value. Test results provide critical health conditions which can direct recommendations for best products/treatment for the individual. *Category definitions for each of the 8 areas where we sell products/programs (Massage, biofeedback, environmental, ergonomic, stress reduction skills, relaxation, diet/nutrition, and exercise), *Stress research briefs with current topics explained as to how it affects you *Stress related news articles updated daily *Stress Polls updated monthly *Vents/discussion boards

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