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Well Woman
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In addition to the annual exam with the gynecologist, it is very important for women to take responsibility for the unique health issues that they may face. This book is designed to lead you through conditions and diseases that particularly affect women, and the procedures likely to be used to diagnose and treat them. For each condition, Dr. Stoppard lists the symptoms, explains the cause, recommends a doctor's visit or not, explains how the doctor might treat the problem and explains some things you can do yourself to alleviate the problem.Dr. Stoppard explains the healthy female body, fertility and conception, contraception, menopause, genital problems, menstrual problems, pelvic problems, sexual problems, sexually transmitted diseases, fertility problems and procedures, and operations that women may have to experience. Fully illustrated, Well Woman also includes a glossary of terms and a list of useful addresses for more information and support.

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