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Stress Less ® On-Line Corporate Training Module for Stress Reduction and Cognitive Change by Dr. Bob Farra
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The Stress Less® On-Line Stress and Anxiety Reduction Program is a great employee training module each person can take at their own pace to learn the basic skills to deal with stress and pressure. Will increase confidence and productivity. A comprehensive four module, interactive, on-line program designed to teach you the fundamental cognitive behavioral techniques that will reduce and even eliminate your stress and anxiety and help you improve your overall wellbeing. Created and hosted by Dr. Bob Farra, a practicing family psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders. Includes three deep relaxation programs(Breathing,Meditation,and Progressive Muscle Relaxation) for download (value of $30.00), anxiety quiz, tracking diary, and motivational e-mails. Take the program on-line at your leisure with additional sessions available as you need them to master the techniques. If you or your organization are experiencing the harmful effects of stress, anxiety or unhealthy behavior,this program is a must.Most all of our problems and difficulties are the result of negative or wrongful thinking and this program will guide you into the right way to think which will change your feelings to a more positive and constructive lifestyle leading you on your path to total wellness. You will learn the same state-of-the-art techniques taught by clinical psychologists to retrain your thinking skills to: *Feel better and more relaxed *Reduce tension and anxiety *Develop peace of mind *Gain control of your thoughts and your life *Improve your health and well-being *Improve relationships and working conditions QUANTITY DISCOUNTS, CONTACT US AT CUSTOMERSERVICE@STRESSLESS.COM There is a substantial growing body of scientific and clinical knowledge which demonstrates an inextricable interaction between mind and body. Such an approach empowers individuals and organizations to assume greater responsibility for health as a basis for the development of a true health care system.

Narrated by Dr. Bob Farra who specializes in stress and anxiety issues. Quantity discounts available.

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