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Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress Set (7-Zone) Queen
Retail Price: $6,495.00
Sale Price: $5,895.00

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Your body will thank you for choosing one of our 7-Zone natural latex mattresses, which combine shoulder and hip flexibility with correct support for the lower back. This 7-Zone natural latex mattress is our plusher latex version. The surface of the mattress is quilted, rather than tufted - so the latex is in a more relaxed state. The Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress is our softest available, yet still provides support due to the firmer lumbar zone preventing the spine from sagging. This mattress is also our best recommendation for a platform bed because it still contours well to the body on a hard surface. Our optional 3" thick Royal-Pedic Pillowtop Pad provides extra cushioning for the most cushy and cozy feel possible. Mattress thickness is 8". The overall height from the top of the mattress to the floor on our 8" box spring and 7 1/4" frame is about 23". Find out more about 7-Zone Natural Latex The mattress features our 7-Zone natural latex core, which was designed, based upon sleep studies at the Kirschgartenclinic in Basel, Switzerland by Swiss researcher and sleep specialist, Dr. Dietrich Schneider-Helmert. The 7-Zone design was found to provide optimal sleeping comfort and ergonomic support to all parts of the body. The latex core is contained in our quilted Belgian 100% cotton covering, utilizing untreated New Zealand lamb's wool followed by hypo-allergenic Comfort Fil 7 to provide a plush and comfortable feel. Royal-Pedic Box Spring construction is the finest available. We provide 22% more coils than is standard for extra support and durability, and have 50% more coils located in the center-third of the box spring to support the body where it's needed most. Royal Latex Quilt-Top Mattress (7-Zone) Back Belgian Cotton Ticking ventilates body heat and provides luxurious feel. New Zealand lamb's wool naturally provides additional ventilation and surface cushioning. Lamb's wool contains lanolin, which is a natural dust mite repellant. No synthetic dust mite allergy covers are needed. Cushion of odorless and hypoallergenic Comfort Fil 7 polyester fiber padding for resiliency and extra comfort. Ergonomically designed, 7-ZONE natural latex mattress core combines shoulder and hip flexibility for pressure point relief and comfort with firmer support for the lower back. Staple Cotton Padding provides a layer of natural cushioning on top of the box spring coils for extended mattress life, rather than mattress resting on bare box spring coils with only a thin insulator pad. Odorless and hypoallergenic insulator pad prevents cotton padding from pocketing into the box spring coils. Extra durable, 8 3/4 gauge box spring wiring with 22% more coils than an average "good quality" box spring, and with 50% more coils in the center-third where it's needed most. Heavy duty, 5 Star Hotel Grade Wide Slat Wood Frame for durability and support. Delivery includes set up and packaging removal. $100 Gift Certificate with each order.

We use untreated, New Zealand lamb's wool in many of our mattresses and pillowtop pads directly underneath the covering as padding for added comfort and a restful night's sleep. We use a thick layer of 100% wool, not blended with any polyester. Be aware of mattresses that claim wool blend. Yes they are using wool, but typically it's batting that is 3-7% wool and 93-97% polyester fiber! Here are more reasons why we use wool in our products: Wool acts as a natural barrier to dust mites - lamb's wool naturally contains lanolin, which makes the wool dust mite resistant. And since the lamb's wool is the material directly underneath the covering of many of our mattresses and pillowtop pads, you won't have to worry about mites burrowing into the mattress. Wool is naturally flame resistant - it will not ignite or melt in fire. Hypoallergenic - some people are allergic to wool if it comes in direct contact with their skin. Since the wool in underneath the cotton mattress covering, which is underneath the mattress pad, which is underneath the fitted sheet, and since wool is odorless, you can be rest assured of not having any reaction to the wool. Free of Chemicals - our untreated lamb's wool does not contain dyes, bleaches, or harmful chemicals. The wool is washed in a soap-based solution for cleaning purposes. Helps Prevent bacteria build-up - wool has the ability to absorb body moisture from perspiration and transport it into the air, which provides for a dry sleeping environment. Warm in Winter / Cool in Summer - wool dissipates body heat providing a naturally climate controlled sleeping environment regardless of season.

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