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If you have the proper tools to listen to it, your body can tell you a lot about its function, including how it responds to stress. Part of this response is the effect stress has on the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary functions such as heartbeat, digestion and respiration. Whenever the brain detects a change, the autonomic nervous system produces immediate physical responses. Your blood pressure, heart rate and skin moisture level change. Biofeedback uses electronic instruments to make you aware of these changes and to teach you how to better control them. (You could think of it as a self-monitoring tool. But its also an educational tool that can be used to promote self-awareness, self-exploration, self-control and deep relaxation.) With the ability to identify and measure your bodys responses to stress through biofeedback, you become sensitive to how your body feels. You will start to feel the subtle ways tension and stress affect it as well as how to release that tension and stress. Thus, biofeedback can act as a communication link between your mind and body - a link that is vital to any effective stress reduction program.

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