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Stress Less® 6 Program stress and anxiety reduction kit
This Stress Less® program will equip your employees to learn the very basic skills to learn to relax and reduce stress leading to a more productive and healthy individual. All care is "self care" and this programs gives the individual the tools to move into a self governing, healthy lifestyle. An exciting new six audio, 30-day program from Stress Less guides you to deep body- and mind- relaxation exercises, re-energizing your stress- coping resources and reducing the toll that stress takes on your body.This program will transform your life helping you along your path to wellness. A variety of relaxation exercises are incorporated into the program, based on the premise that different approaches to self-relaxation have different effects and work better at different times. You'll practice clinically proven stress- reduction techniques directed by the soothing voice of Dr. Paul L. Fair, accompanied by custom-composed music and tonal sounds created by Jeff Kinder. "It's Amazing how good you can feel, when your mind is in shape®" Essential Oils and Stress Less® Herbal Supplements. Tags: Stress-Less®, Stressless, Stress Less® Stress Less® Herbal Supplements Stress Less® Essential Oils Stress Less® Homeopathic Liquid
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