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Our mission is to offer the widest selection of high quality stress reduction products and programs for use in coping with the devastating mental, emotional and physical effects of excess stress. We only offer credible products that work in reducing stress. To that end, we feature our expert, multi-disciplinary Advisory Board who review and approve our selections, backed up by a 30-day Unconditional Guarantee!

Stress Less also creates and designs our own proprietary products/programs including: Comprehensive Stress Reduction Program (Feel Better Kit); Clincally proven body and mind Relaxation tapes (Stress Away in 30 Days); On-line, interactive Anxiety Program (Anxiety) Relaxation music (Reflections);Stress Reducing Vitamins and herbs(Vitamins and Herbs); Weight Reduction program (Minding the Body) Newsletters (Feel Better Letter); and our on-line "Real Time" Counseling (Counseling) and (Telecounseling) services which allows you the privacy and convenience of talking to a Licensed Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, or Career Counselor.

We wish to make your selection informative, easy and convenient. You can order from our Web site, toll free 800#, or e-mail.

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