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Being alone can reduce stress levels and low risk for anxiety and depression
 People who spend a lot of time alone, have a low stress level and less risk depression and anxiety New Study Reveals People who spend lot of time alone may easily reduce their stress level and lower the risk of depression and anxiety by engaging in something creative. . According to the study, some people withdraw out of fear or anxiety. This type of social withdrawal is associated with shyness. Others appear to withdraw because they dislike social interaction. They are considered socially avoidant. The researchers explained that creativity reduces stress by helping ‘us reach a flow state’, in this state the brain works at optimal efficiency, in order to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates emotional responses that further rewards us for both creating and solving problems in the processBeing alone provides the opportunity of creative engagement that in turn would take their attention away from the depressive spells that often suspends their thoughts and actions. While social interaction also plays a ‘central role’ in both mental and physical health. But a company of too many people, is not the most conducive environment for the creative energies to flow. “When people think about the costs associated with social withdrawal, often times they adopt a developmental perspective,” said Julie Bowker, Professor at the University of Buffalo in the US. Researchers examined 300 people, who were in a habit of spending time a decent amount of ‘me time’ , and asked them questions related to their behavior. The findings revealed that those who felt timid or fearful around other people tended to make less productive use of their alone time, while the others preferred to be alone because it gave them an opportunity to work on creative pursuits.

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