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Holiday Stress Tips
 1. Organisation is key – Ensure you follow to-do lists throughout the whole month, ticking off each task as you complete it. You have a lot to do! This will ensure that you can visually process what you need to get done during the lead up to Christmas. From posting your Christmas cards on time, to ensuring you have enough wrapping paper, writing things down has been proven to help to reduce stress. 2. Be thoughtful – It is well researched that the act of helping others improves an individual’s emotional wellbeing and happiness levels. Encourage the act of giving by matching donations, facilitating collections (shoebox gifts, winter clothes, food bank etc) 3. Set goals and targets throughout the month - do not leave your Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve! We’ve all been there, but this approach will do nothing to help your stress levels so try to have have a cut-off point. Aim to get all gifts bought and all plans set in stone by a certain date this Christmas. 4. Be positive and let your happiness shine from within - Aim for a happy Christmas not a perfect Christmas. Laugh about things that go wrong, they will make funny memories to look back on in the future. Happiness is proven to uplift the moods of those around you, and if that is not enough, it is also said to increase productivity. 5. Budget - Many of your loved ones will truly believe that your presence is their present, so try not to stress about not being able to afford the gifts you would love to give, because spending time with your friends and family will always be much more appreciated and special than the gifts. Also take a moment this holiday season to think of others. The holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration — but if you’re dealing with illness, divorce or grief, that festive spirit can feel hollow. So above all this holiday season reach out to someone you know and support them or talk to them about how you feel.

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