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Women may become obese from negative thoughts
  Bringing negative and undesirable thoughts might make you plump and overweight, the recent study privileges. The study conducted by the researchers at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions declares that woman having a stressful life are more likely to have an increased waistline as compared to those who spent a healthy and stress less lifestyle. Dr. Michelle Albert says, director at the University of California, “A stressful life is directly linked to obesity.” Origin of a stressful life: Stress is a psychological feeling that makes you feel down, discomfort, or anxious. It is the sense and sign of danger. It can occur when we experience a traumatic event such accident, child death or are emotionally disturbed. It always has a negative impact on our physical and mental health. Stress increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and even other mental disorders. Researchers analyzed and gathered information of 22,000 women having an average age of 72 years. Around 23 percent women were noticed to be overweight. Most of them had experienced traumatic events throughout their lifetime that resulted in the obesity. Those women who undergoing more number of negative life incidents were 36 percent most likely to be obese as compared to those who have lived stress less life. After conducting an in-depth investigation, researchers came to the root cause of the link. Stress triggers production of ghrelin hormone in women. This hormone is responsible for raising hunger levels which induce a woman to eat more. Furthermore, it can affect physical health, encourage you to consume more alcohol and eat low nutrition diet very often. Researchers are still chasing to know at what age of life women would develop obesity. The study fails to reveal this. More research needs to be conducted to know the close connection between stress, increased body weight and risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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