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Wondertrack® Back Pain Relief
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Quick Facts • Relieves Back Pain • Relieves Muscle Tension • Wear a shirt or use a towel when using. (No direct skin contact) • Use 10 – 20 minutes per occurrence • Use 2-3 times daily as needed for pain • For severe back pain use for 30 minutes - 2 hours Lie Down for back relief only OR have the option of exercising with the Wondertrack® to improve strength! (Watch Exercise DVD) Device Description Early versions of the device were carefully shaped of wood. When a satisfactory curvature was experimentally determined, the device was replicated in polymer. The device has a concave curved surface with curvature radius r that varies with distance from the centerline. A predetermined pressure distribution results from internal structural support of the curved surface and base portion b. A primary design goal was simple construction and ease of operation. The curved surface is designed to apply a tractive action externally without resort to tethers, pulleys or other adjunct contrivances usually associated with conventional traction devices. The device is designed for disciplined rest during which tractive action t helps reduce back pain. The alignment portions of the device have a morphology specifically tailored to the reduction of back pain L, indicated by the solid curved line. The curved surface is proportioned to accommodate a wide variety of adult patient shapes and sizes. The side and end portions of the curved surface are shaped to cradle and buttress the buttocks and shoulders between the curved surface extremities. Floor, mat, or mattress use is provided by the broad flat surface of the base portion b of the device. Light, easily carried, and usable anywhere, the device requires no assistance and employs no body attachments that necessitate special handling. In addition, the privacy essential to complete relaxation and concentration accrues from unassisted device use. The molded polymer used for device construction was selected for a warm feel and great resistance to fatigue and stress cracking. All fillets are generously radiused to minimize stress concentrations. Test samples of the device absorbed considerable abuse with no detectable structural degradation. The surface of the device is textured to provide a gentle friction that enhances passive traction while maintaining user comfort. Users should wear a shirt or lay a towel on the product before using. Wondertrack® is a FDA registered device.

Back pain is the #2 problem that brings people into the doctor's office. Many spinal conditions cause back pain, but muscle sprains and strains can cause it too. Now Wondertrack® can help you feel better and eliminate the pain! Each year, back pain costs Americans about $50 billion in medical bills, disability, and lost productivity. STOP back pain today with Wondertrack®.

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