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Black & White Tea Candle
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Inspired by the fragrant aromas of gardens around the world, Garden Incense includes Japanese Garden, English Garden, French Garden and Garden of Babylon. Packaged in brightly colored tubes, the 20-inch long incense sticks burn for up to three hours, with the scents of citrus and citronella, leaves and fruit, grass and lavender or wood and spice. Each tube contains 10 incense sticks. New to the line is Geranium Garden Incense, perfect for indoor or outdoor use! This delightful incense is offered in a 30-minute burn-time size, or in a long-lasting three-hour size. Made in Provence. Design terre d'OC. The alluring aromas of Black Tea and White Tea have been brewed up in this new home-fragrance collection. The fresh, smooth scent of White Tea is flavored by this rare, white leaf "summer-tea" that's light and refreshing. It features a first note of white tea and green grape atop a second note of wood and flower. The intense, aromatic scent of Black Tea is obtained by naturally smoking the fermented leaves of this "winter tea" in a hot plate atop a fire of bamboo and wood. Its first note is of smoked tea, pine cone and rare wood, with a second note of spice and malt. Both Black Tea and White Tea are available in attractively packaged combination sets of room sprays, incense sticks, incense coils, fragrant oils and candle - perfect for mixing-and-matching to recreate a unique Asian tea house ambiance. Tea Candle is shown in the middle of the picture to the left of the incense sticks!

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