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Allergen-Free Living: How to Create a Healthy, Allergen-Free Home and Lifestyle
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Take control of your home and your daily life, and breathe easier! Find out just how simple and attractive it can be to eliminate the incredible range of toxins--from insect treatments to paints to cleaning materials--that contribute to "pollution overload" and cause serious, sometimes deadly allergies, asthma, and similar illnesses. Room by room and topic by topic, this eye-opening guide reveals potential problems and offers practical, easy-to-implement solutions, backed up with hints and quick reference summaries of key changes and cleaning timetables. Replace chemicals with less harmful but equally effective products--while the effects of using naturally scented cleansers and cosmetics will become immediately apparent to your nose, throat, and lungs. Questionnaires will pinpoint areas particularly relevant to your lifestyle. 128 pages (all in color),

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