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Holistic Home: Creating an Environment for Physical & Spiritual Well-Being
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A home isn't just bricks and mortar--it's a protective space that nurtures us, a warm and welcoming meeting place for loved ones, and a shelter where we can fulfill our spiritual and emotional needs. With just a few changes, loving care, and knowledge of ancient techniques like feng shui, make yours a holistic home and improve the quality of your life and the world around you. In these pages is all the encouragement, inspiration, and information you need to carry out simple, effective adaptations to your environment. Take a room-by-room journey through house and garden and discover new ways of using natural materials, color, texture, light, and scent--along with complementary therapies for managing your time and alleviating stress. * Cleanse and purify to create a sacred home--especially a new home. Includes ideas for talismans and recipes for incense and cleansing mist. * Tune in to the energy of your home, and alter it to suit your needs. * Bring "magic" into your home with feng shui, harmonious colors, gentle lighting, and welcoming sounds. * Eliminate hazardous substances such as combustion gases and toxic vapors from chemical-based cleaning products-make your home environmentally friendly and beneficial to your health! * Decorate your home with recycled materials and natural fabrics: some of the best materials--glass, wood, plaster, stone, bricks, cement, and tiles--are probably already there. * Avoid dyes or synthetic coats and varnishes--a coat of linseed oil will make your wood floor shine just as well as chemical substances. * Special hints: Find the best dining area, get some bedroom basics, and see how to make a "green kitchen" and your living room "alive." Beautiful full-color spreads display the incredible beauty of a comforting, holistic home! 144 pages (all in color) Paperback

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