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Simple Feng Shui Book
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For centuries, Feng Shui--the art of placement or "geomancy"--has been used by the Chinese to select building sites, design homes, and place objects within individual rooms in order to maximize the flow of positive energy. Traditionally the province of specialists who master this complex system after years of study and apprenticeship, Feng Shui is now being practiced by Westerners who have become interested in understanding the flow of the earth's energy. Simple Feng Shui makes it easy to comprehend and practice the art of selecting and arranging one's surroundings. Chapter one begins with a concise history and philosophy of the Taoist-based method of channeling the flow of life energy, or chi. As Sharp explains, "Feng Shui offers us a different way of seeing the world, and when practiced, its effect on the way we view things around us is profound indeed. That's because Feng Shui makes us aware that energy resides in all things, and that the way energy flows or doesn't flow has a significant effect on our happiness and well-being." Chapter two, "The Positive and Negative Influence of Nature on Our Buildings," describes how to understand the effects of the energy flow from the external environment of your home or office so that you can use this knowledge when choosing a place to live or work. Chapter three, "Creating Good Feng Shui Inside Your Home or Office," shows you how the interior of a building can affect the health and prosperity of its occupants. Sharp discusses roofs, foundations, entrances, corridors, stairways (spiral staircases enhance malevolent energy as energy that is forced to twist as it rises becomes destructive), bedrooms, the kitchen, the garage, driveways, decks, and even the shapes of houses. In the fourth chapter, "Determining the Best Use of Each Room," Sharp explains that certain activities are best done in specific locations of the house and shows how to remedy bad Feng Shui in the home and office. Both simple to use and applicable to everyday decisions, Simple Feng Shui helps you recognize that energy resides in all things, and with the right flow of energy, happiness and well-being are within your reach. Hardcover.

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