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Faucet Filter- Improved Filtration
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The Model F-5 faucet mount water filter, provides you with healthier, better tasting drinking water right out of your faucet. This filter not only fits your faucet, it fits your kitchen decor. Includes replaceable filter cartridge. Reduces Lead and Cysts from your drinking water! Filter Lasts up to 200 gallons or three months. Installs in less then 4 minutes. No tools required! Remove Cap, pull out used filter, replace with new filter! It's that easy! Built-in knob extends filter cartridge life by allowing the choice of filtered or unfiltered water. Less expensive than bottled water. NSF tested and certified to American National Standards Institute ANSI/NSF: Standard 42 for reduction of Chlorine (Class 1), Taste and Odor Standard 53 for reduction of Lead and Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cysts. One-Year Warranty.

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