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Electronic Faucet-Mount Water Filter
Sale Price: $99.95
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Safeguard your family from lead, chlorine and sediment while offering healthier, better tasting water with this effective filter system from Teledyne Water Pik. The electronic faucet filter features a high performance cartridge with a life expectancy of three-months or 200-gallons. The indicator light lets you know when the system is working and when to change the filter, while a built-in selector extends filter cartridge life by letting you choose between filtered and unfiltered water with the flip of a switch. Installs in less than 4 minutes. No tools required! Easy to replace the filter- Remove Cap, pull out used filter, Replace with new filter. Less expensive than bottled water, averages about 7 cents per gallon. One-Year Warranty. Battery included. Replacement Filter (#D7038)

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