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Serengeti Aviator Sunglasses- Mens
Sale Price: $199.95
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Serengeti lenses are made from distortion-free, ground and polished optical glass. Photochromic and spectral filtration properties are not a coating - they're molecularly engineered into the glass through a hydrogen-firing process that adds layers of silver. The silver is a permanent barrier to UV radiation. Anti-reflective coatings reduce back reflection that causes squinting and eye strain. Borosilicate compound glass is scratch-resistant. Chemical tempering makes the lens impact-resistant. Every lens is impact tested for 100% quality control. New scientific studies prove a direct relationship between UVB rays and the risk of getting cataracts. There's no safe amount of UVB exposure - even small amounts can cause damage to the eyes. But because Serengeti lenses provide virtually 100% UVB protection, they can actually help prevent cataracts. Our award-winning, ergonomically designed frames are made from some of the world's most advanced materials: stainless steel, nickel-silver, monel, graphite, nylon, and cellulose acetate. Lightweight, our frames are made for comfortable wear for hours on end. And they're engineered for unobtrusive fit and comfort directly out-of-the-box, preventing the headaches and eyestrain caused by a poor fit. Features matte black frame and the famous drivers gradient cooper lens. Clearance item, no returns or refunds.

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