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Floor Mat- Crop Circle
Sale Price: $49.95
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This beautiful crop circle mysteriously appeared in a wheat field across the road from Stonehenge in 1996 (the small parallel lines are tractor tracks). This crop circle combines 'sacred geometry' (in the form of a golden mean spiral) with fractal geometry (in the form of a 'Julia set'). The golden mean-the heart of sacred geometry-is a special relationship between a part and a whole that acts as a primary organizing principle of the universe. Fractal geometry is a cutting edge field of mathematics and physics showing the inherent order which exists in every corner of the creation. The union of these powerful forms in this one mysterious image suggests that this crop circle may be a symbolic message from a higher order of intelligence. These rugged 18" x 27" all-purpose indoor/outdoor floormats are made in USA with permanent dyes on polyester fabric bonded to a urethane backing with polypropylene trim. They're fade resistant, hide dirt well, and hose off with water. They are great for use as doormats, as kitchen or bathroom mats, or as meditation or altar mats.

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