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TOMB Mosquito Destroyer
Sale Price: $129.95
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Mosquito Control Products Tomb Tabletop - Back Off Blood Suckers! The Tomb Mosquito Destroyer is here! Just a place a Tomb Mat in the unit, plug into any electrical outlet, and BACK OFF BLOOD SUCKERS! The Tomb destroys mosquitoes by electro-chemical evaporation. The active ingredients in the Tomb Mat evaporated by the Tomb Heaters are invisible and non-irritating to humans but deadly to mosquitoes. The Tomb is safe around children and household pets, and is non-irritating to the throat and eyes. Includes bonus oil fragrance chamber to create your own aromatherapy unit. The unit is smokeless and does not soil walls and furnishings like candles can. The unit starts to work the moment you plug it in, and will continue to work for 12 hours with one mat. Protects up to 15 foot diameter. Includes 6 refill mats, includes retractable cord. Wall mountable. EPA, UL, and CE approved. Two year warranty.

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