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NaturalBright Full Spectrum BioLightsystem with UV
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The NaturalBright bioLIGHTSYSTEM is the "workhorse" of lightboxes, combining the benefits of bright light therapy with essential trace UV. The NaturalBright not only reduces clinical depression, SAD, eating disorders, sleep disorders and jet lag, but also increases calcium absorption, enhances the immune system and offers light therapy wellness benefits... all year long! The NaturalBright light box offers all the benefits of the WinterBright bioLIGHTSYSTEM, PLUS an important ingredient—an essential trace amount of ultraviolet, making it an important accessory for everyone who spends most of their time indoors. UV Required to Absorb Calcium Numerous studies have shown that the human body actually NEEDS trace amounts of UV every day to maintain a healthy body and adequate calcium levels. For people who spend most of their time indoors under artificial light, the need for UV becomes even more pronounced for all of us. UV is the catalyst the body needs to manufacture Vitamin D3, which has potent anti-cancer properties, and is also required in order for the body to absorb calcium. Additionally, Vitamin D plays a big role in preventing osteoporosis as it must be present for the body to absorb calcium. By "sun-bathing" in front of the NaturalBright bioLIGHTSYSTEM for as little as 30 minutes a day in the morning, your body will receive a safe, trace amount of UV, without the harmful effects you would receive sitting for the same amount of time in front of the sun. (No suntan lotion required, and no, it will not give you a tan!) Not All Bright Light Therapy Light Boxes Are Created Equal Our bioLIGHTSYSTEMS are radiation-shielded for your safety. It's an accepted fact that all fluorescent tubes emit radio waves and Dr. Ott's research further identified that the cathode ends of all fluorescent tubes also emit harmful low-level x-ray radiation. Only our safe bioLIGHTSYSTEMS address these dual radiation problems. We enclose the cathodes ends with a lead shield, thereby stopping the x-rays. We control the radio waves by silk-screening a silver ink grid onto the prismatic diffuser lens in order to collect them.The entire system is then fully grounded, thereby eliminating the radiation. Dr. Ott was the key force behind the research and development that produced the original full-spectrum Vita-Lite fluorescent tubes. However, subsequent testing by Dr. Ott led him to recognize the need for vital improvements—specifically the shielding of harmful radiation. This led to the development of the OTT bioLIGHTSYSTEMS' WinterBright and NaturalBright lightboxes, which incorporate all of his latest research into the ONLY patented, radiation-shielded, full-spectrum lightboxes on the market today. Attractive comtemporary design Portable for home or office Weighs less than 8 pounds BENEFITS: Enhances vitamin & mineral absorption Elevates mood Enhances the immune system Increases energy Reduces sleep disorders Reduces fatigue Reduces SAD and depression Reduces PMS FEATURES: 10,000 lux EMF-shielded Flicker-free 5 year warranty Durable steel construction Made in America UL approved SPECIFICATIONS: 17” tall x 4” deep x 8” wide 2 radiation shielded full spectrum 36 watt biax tubes 1 radiation shielded 6 watt UV tube Weight: 7.5 lbs. 7’ power cord with 3-prong plug

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