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Solar Light
Sale Price: $499.95

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Light controls our biological rhythms and is known to regulate the delicate balance of melatonin and seratonin in our brain chemistry. Our bodies expect to receive a daily stimulus of light every morning from the sun at sunrise. That the sunrise is the key stimulus of light makes sense when we realize that the rising and setting of the sun has for eons been the major daily environmental stimuli in the evolution of life. If we do not receive these signals, or we receive them at the wrong time, our circadian rhythms are gradually phase-shifted, causing fatigue, sleep disorders, cravings for sweets, alcohol and ultimately depression. So while we do have internal clocks (pacemakers), they need to be reset daily. Winter's reduced light has a well-documented effect on the human mind and body. One of the more commonly known conditions resulting from lack of natural sunlight is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is triggered by the shortening of the photo period as winter approaches. The shortened photo period allows melatonin, the hormone responsible for signaling that it’s time to sleep, to build up to higher-than-normal levels in the blood, which in turn produces the symptoms of SAD. Much of the physiology behind SAD also plays a role in our daily sleep/wake cycle. When this cycle is disrupted, we get the symptoms of jet lag: clinical sleep disorders, severe fatigue, major digestive problems, and the inability to react or concentrate. Put an end to fatigue, moodiness, depression, winter blues and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), with safe, energizing light therapy from the Solar Lite. .Attractive comtemporary design .Portable for home or office .Weighs less than 9 pounds SPECIFICATIONS: . 8.5 lbs. • 21”x 8.5"x 4” deep • 2 radiation-shielded 36 watt biax tubes • 7’ power cord with 3-prong plug FEATURES: .10,000 lux .EMF-shielded .Flicker-free .Full spectrum .1 yr. warranty .Auto timer .Aluminum body .UL approved BENEFITS: .Elevates mood .Increases energy .Relieves PMS .Reduces sleep disorders .Reduces fatigue .Reduces depression The Solar Lite is also great for resetting your inner clock if thrown off by . . . .Jet Lag .Shift Work (This item may incur additional charges for express delivery. We will contact you with this information.)

This item will be shipped directly from the manufacturer and will arrive separately from other items ordered. It cannot be overnighted and may require additional rush charges due to size and weight.

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