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Biofeedback-Clinical Series (M44) Clinically Proven Instruments and Software for Biofeedback
Retail Price: $1,699.95
Sale Price: $1,669.95
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Clinical Series instruments are proven performers in daily use in clinics and labs all over the world. The Clinical Series has earned a pre-eminent reputation for instrument quality and established the standard for clinical utility. Every Clinical Series instrument uses proven technology. And each instrument has all the important features for clinical biofeedback in a single, easy to use package. To computerize your instruments, just add one of our computer interface packages (DIP or CIP). Compare the Clinical Series to any other biofeedback instruments at any price. Compare specs, features, ease of use and reputations. Compare and you will find that the finest instru-ments are also the best value. M44 Dual EMG All the features and accuracy of the M40 in a true dual channel version. Channels are independently measured and displayed for maximum information and clarity of feedback. Muscles almost always work in pairs. The M44 can monitor agonist/antagonist and bilateral muscle sites. And the M44 is the only biofeedback instrument that allows you to see what both muscle sites are doing at all times.

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