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Headache Checklist
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The Headache Checklist is intended for use as an aid in collecting self-report information on an individual's headache related experiences as part of the assessment of headache complaints. Individual item endorsement and patterns of item endorsement suggest questions that may be pursued in an assessment interview. The Headache Checklist consists of 70 items. The items are responded to in a yes / no format. In addition to their individual content, a number of the items can be categorized into symptom groupings. The Headache Checklist can be added to an existing NeuroDynamix software system and called from the main software menu or may be purchased as a stand-alone application that does not require a NeuroDynamix instrument. Headache Checklist Features: • Runs on any Windows based PC • Self Administered Consists of Items Designed to Highlight Possible: • Muscular Contraction Symptoms (8) • Bruxism or TMJ, etc. (4) • Vascular or Migraine Symptoms (13) • Cluster Headache Symptoms (4) • Sinus Headache Symptoms (4) • Possible Organic Symptoms (10) • Possible Ophthalmologic Symptoms (2) • Classic Migraine Symptoms (6) • Possible Dietary, Medication or Withdrawal Factors (5) • Behavioral Analysis Factors (5) Stressless® stress-less Stress Less®

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