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Stress Less® features the NeuroSystem 2/4
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Biofeed package for non-invasive monitoring of a variety of physiological measurements. The system is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the ability to acquire & monitor their patients’ physiological balance. This device includes Photoplethysmograph (PPG) measurement permitting the derivation of heart rate & peripheral blood flow. The system is both powerful & easy-to-use. Zynex NeuroDiagnostics offers a number of software packages & specialized protocols within each to assist the healthcare provider in monitoring the patients’ response. In addition to these existing protocols, the provider may create & design protocols to address their own needs. • Multi-physiological sensors designed for accuracy & ease-of-use • 6+ acquisition channels in a single device • Standardized protocols for biofeedback • Design & customize your own protocols within the software • Multiple report presentations available to healthcare professionals • Everything you need in one device with the ability to expand & grow System Features The NeuroSystem 2/4 interfaces to desktop or laptop computers using USB interface. Software Options A number of software packages are available, such as: NeuroGraph NeuroGames A Complete Package Sensors, sEMG supplies, Respiration, Temperature, PPG, Electrodermal Response & Electrodermal Level sensors, audio & visual feedback, battery charger, software, user’s guide. Physiological Measurements PPG - Photoplethysmograph (PPG) unobtrusively monitors the blood volume pulse wave to track heart rate and to detect changes in peripheral blood flow (pulse height) in real time, without the time lag inherewith temperature sensors. sEMG - Two or four channels of Raw or RMS surface EMG using the Active Electrode. TEMP - Two or three channels of skin temperature. RESP - Pressure sensor monitors the respiration waveform to aid in training diaphragmatic breathing as a part of relaxation training. EDA Electrodermal Activity - Skin Conductance Level (SCL) and Response (SCR) provide dynamic measurements of sympathetic nervous system activity.

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