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Breathwork Explorer
Sale Price: $399.95
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The most powerful mind machine in a decade For millennia, spiritual teachers have told disciples that breath control is the key to achieving deep meditation. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali assert that "the mind follows the breath." And, according to an ancient Tibetan Buddhist saying: "Breath is the horse Mind is the rider." Even though Pranayama (breath) practice can be extremely pleasurable for both beginning and advanced mediators, most Westerners seem to have a difficult time pursuing it. Traditionally, this form of meditation requires the student to count the intervals of each inhalation, holding of breath, and exhalation. After a while, this gets tedious and can even become confusing. You may end up worrying about the count and losing the rich, sensual experience of deep, full and slow breathing. Now there's a way you can enjoy the mind-expanding effects of breathwork without getting tangled in the practice itself. 3 Ultra-Advanced Systems in One The Breathwork Explorer may be the most powerful meditation tool ever created. It is a sophisticated computerized machine with a wide range of features-in fact, it operates as three distinct systems. The result is a major breakthrough in meditation technology. You put on a lightweight headset consisting of goggles, headphones and a unique sensor that slips under your nose. A compact computerized control unit monitors each inhalation and exhalation. You can set the Breathwork Explorer to any of three modes: 1. See and Hear Each Breath Pleasant ocean sounds and lights rise and fall on each breath A relaxation score is displayed after each session A tape switches on automatically once you're in state Each breath sounds like a gentle ocean wave, gradually rising and falling while the lights in your goggles simultaneously brighten and dim. Hearing and seeing your breathing this way creates a profoundly relaxing effect. Light brightness and sound volume can be adjusted from zero to maximum. You can set the psychoacoustic "binaural beat" or pulsed tones to any frequency you choose. You can input any audiotape or CD (including music or relaxation tapes)-or you can overlay the music with binaural beats or pulse tones. Automatic Tape Playing for Subliminal Learning The Breathwork Explorer is perfect for learning to get into the twilight state, where self-improvement messages really take hold. With the help of an inexpensive Radio Shack cassette player (Model CTR-66- not included), you can set the unit to automatically start a self-improvement tape or study material when your breathing shows that you're ready. 2. Guided Breath Exercises Calibrates to your breathing patterns 10 advanced breath-pacing programs Makes advanced breath practices easy Choose one of the 10 Breath Pacing programs, and intuitive sound cues l will guide you through breath control exercises, suitable for beginners, but l developing into more advanced levels. Considered secret teachings for l centuries, such "pranayama" practices have been used by meditators and ' yogis to reach states of deep meditation, clarity, expanded consciousness, life-energy intensification, and increased emotional and spiritual openness. Breath Pacing makes it much easier to do "breath work." Without having to think about the breath control exercise, you just relax, breathe, and follow the cues; after awhile you'll realize you've entered a very altered state. 3. Light & Sound Programs 12 excellent programs Binaural beats synchronized with the lights Use the Breathwork Explorer to enjoy the benefits of a Light & Sound Machine, choosing any one of its 12 excellent preset programs. With Light & Sound, the changing frequency patterns of the flashing lights and digitized sounds help "tune in" specific mental states. Programs include Relaxation, Meditation, Learning, and Sleep: What You Get The Breathwork Explorer- consists of a control unit and a soft wraparound mask containing goggles (4 green LEDs per eye), built-in earphones, and a breath sensor. It also includes an extremely complete and helpful user manual. An instructional audiotape tells you how to use all the Breathwork Explorer's features and guides you through your own deep relaxation experience. Powered by 4 internal rechargeable batteries. Includes an AC adapter, stereo input jack, patch cord, and tape unit control cable.

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