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Clinical Series (T33) Clinically Proven Instruments and Software for Biofeedback
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Clinical Series instruments are proven performers in daily use in clinics and labs all over the world. The Clinical Series has earned a pre-eminent reputation for instrument quality and established the standard for clinical utility. Every Clinical Series instrument uses proven technology. And each instrument has all the important features for clinical biofeedback in a single, easy to use package. To computerize your instruments, just add one of our computer interface packages (DIP or CIP). Compare the Clinical Series to any other biofeedback instruments at any price. Compare specs, features, ease of use and reputations. Compare and you will find that the finest instruments are also the best value. T33 Dual TEMP All the features and accuracy of the T30 in a true dual channel version. Channels are independently measured and displayed for maximum information and clarity of feedback. The T33’s ability to simultaneously measure bilateral sites means that patients can be tested for asymmetric peripheral temperature prior to biofeedback training. During training, true dual channel allows one sensor site to be used as a “control”. Alternatively, in order to ensure that responses to training are not overly specific, two sensor sites can be monitored on an ongoing basis or the readings from both sites can be averaged. CT3 EDA Convertor Features simultaneous monitoring of tonic and phasic responses, high resistance to artifact, and Constant Current Conductance(tm) Davicon’s proprietary technique for measuring skin conductance. The CT3 plugs into a temperature sensor input, replacing that channel with conductance, and can be used with either the T30 or one channel of the T33. Dual Channel and Clinical Interface Pacs Combined hardware and software packages are available for interfacing one (Dual Channel I/Pac) or more (Clinical I/Pac) Clinical Series instruments to a PC style computer system. This is the same quality software interface provided with the Davicon System/3 products. The Clinical Series units may be disconnected from the computer and used as independent stand-alone instruments at any time. • EMG for 1, 2, and 4 channels; Skin temperature for 1 and 2 channels; • Skin conductance; • Multi-channel (combinations of above); and • Easy to use Protocol Manager that lets you customize programs and save them. High resolution, real-time displays provide clear feedback. Software is self-documenting and so “user friendly” that you can sit down and begin using it immediately, without help! Programs collect data automatically and produce session reports that you can review or print at any time.

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