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Biofeedback-M4 Surface EMG Muscle Activity Monitor
Retail Price: $695.95
Sale Price: $645.95
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Monitor Series trainers are rugged and easy to use in the clinic or for home practice. These instruments feature 3-color, 15 element light bars and audio feedback (including raw EMG sound with M4). Sensor, built-in speaker, stand, battery charger, and user’s guide included. The M4 measures muscle activity and the C2 measures skin conductance (sweat gland activity – a measure of emotional arousal). Feedback: 3 Color, 15 Element LED Display, Built In Speaker Range: 0.2 to 1000 uV, Band Width: 33-200 Hz. Controls: Base Line, Audio Above/Below, Visual Range. Sensor: Active sEMG Electrodes

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