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NeuroGames works with NeuroGraph giving a more interesting & visually stimulating experience while running your protocols. NeuroGames protocols advance through a series of graphic images as biofeedback goals are met. Alternative protocols use graphic objects that move on screen to show physiological changes in place of traditional graphic displays, keeping subjects more interested & involved. Watch the Image Change as Physiological Tension Increases or Decreases Watch the Stars Come Out & the Wine Glass Fill as Your Clients Reach Their Training Goals Watch the Bear Drink the Honey When the Goal is Reached. Ideal for Pediatric Subjects NeuroGames Features: • Runs on any Windows based PC • 6 Different Game Choices • Select Solid or Scenic Backgrounds • Auto Change Background Based on Goal Status • Voice Instruction Option - Insert Your Own Voice Prompts • Comes with Pre-Defined & User Configurable Automated Protocols • Audio Prompts & Music Can Be Presented as Stimuli • Insert Your Own Background Images. • Automatic Windows Based Reports in Any Language • Requires NeuroGraph NeuroGames is not a medical device & administration is not intended to provide a diagnosis. NeuroGames protocols & scheduler allow you to choose the Physiological Measures you want to work with, dene display types & select background images & audio les to use as stimuli or assessment prompts - automating sessions & standardizing procedures saving time & eort. Easily create your own protocols or simply select from the menu of pre congured protocols that NeuroGames provides.

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