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NeuroDynamix 2/4/8
Sale Price: $11,000.00
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Non-Invasive Biofeedback Monitoring Device The NeuroDynamix 2/4/8 is an integrated instrumentation & software package for non-invasive biofeedback monitoring of surface EMG (sEMG) muscle activity. Powerful & easy-to-use the NeuroDynamix 2/4/8 supports accurate recordings of fatigued muscles. System Features The NeuroDynamix 2/4/8 interfaces to desktop or laptop computers using USB interface. Software A number of software packages are available, such as: NeuroGraph NeuroGames A Complete Package Sensors & sEMG supplies. NeuroDynamix 2/4/8 is a biofeedback device which may be used for muscle reeducation & rehabilitation. The figure above shows the Lumbar Flexion Assessment Protocol results for a dynamic scan. Note the change between the graphs (circled in red) before & after treatment. EMG Measurements Available in 2, 4 & 8 channel configurations with optional raw EMG outputs available. Range - 0.01 - 1000 mvolts • Input impedance > 1 Meg Ohms • CMMR: 125dB (100Hz) ; 150dB (60Hz) stressless stress-less stress less

8 Channel $11,000 4 Channel $6990 2 Channel $4490

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