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Weight Loss with Lifetime Weight Control Book
Sale Price: $19.95
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Not a traditional diet book, this is a simple, effective step-by-step program of weight management that may take you two or three years to fully implement, but the result is lifetime weight control. Each of the seven steps is detailed in its own chapter: 1) Eat spontaneously, without dieting, so you can begin to settle into your "setpoint" weight--the healthy, correct weight for your body. 2) Accept yourself as basically OK, regardless of your weight. 3) Determine how and why you eat, learning all the reasons besides hunger. 4) Satisfy emotional needs directly and appropriately, saving food for satisfying only real hunger. 5) Improve nutrition. 6) Increase activity to stay in the lower range of your setpoint weight. 7) Stick to it using proven cognitive behavioral techniques to sustain your motivation and establish new lifetime habits. 208 pages.

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