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H20: Healing Water for Mind and Body
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It's the liquid of life! Water makes up 80 per cent of our bodies, so it's no surprise that to stay in top condition you have to keep well hydrated. But, most of us don't drink enough to replenish what we lose daily through our skin--or we drink the wrong things, like coffee and sugary sodas. Dip into these practical "watery" ideas for relieving stress, eliminating toxins from our systems, and generally boosting health. Find out which mineral waters to drink, when to drink them, and how much to have each day. Get deep-down clean and protect your skin against water loss. Soothe yourself with water therapies such as footbaths, salt-water scrubs, and compresses. Enjoy the benefits of "water treats"--swimming, exercising in water, relaxing in a steam or Turkish bath, or resting in a flotation tank. And revitalize your body with either a weekend- or month-long re-hydration program that will make you feel like new. 144 pages (all in color) Paperback

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