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X Ab/Hyper Bench
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A Solid Core is Crucial A strong core is essential to a healthy body, and now, you can build a strong core at home. Increasing your core strength leads to better balance, agility and strength in other areas because after all, your core is the link between your upper and lower body. A solid midsection can also help you reduce the risk of injury. Build Your Core The Stamina X Ab/Hyper Bench gives you the ability to build core strength, ripped abs and powerful back muscles. Work your abs in four crunch positions ranging from flat to a 30-degree decline. The pull of a pin quickly and easily adjusts the angle of the bench to increase or decrease your workout intensity. Target your lower back muscles with standing hyperextension exercises. The Ab/Hyper Bench's thigh support adjusts to fit your leg length, and the pivoting foam rollers hold your ankles securely so your body is aligned in the correct workout position. Versatility for Encompassing All Your Needs The Ab/Hyper Bench allows for a range of other exercises too! Including incline and decline push-ups, bench dips, and one legged squats. Also, use the bench and a dumbbell (sold separately) for bicep curls and one arm rows.

Add to Cart Recommended use: Use to build core and full body strength Material: Steel frame, vinyl upholstered Product Color: red, black Comfort Elements: Padded bench and thigh support Targeted Training: Core Includes: Stamina X Ab/Hyper Bench, Owner's Manual Assembly: Some assembly required Dimensions: 45.75 x 18.5 x 32.5 Product Weight: 37 lbs

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