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X Fortress
Retail Price: $799.95
Sale Price: $699.95
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Full-Body Workout, One Machine Build a powerful and lean physique with the Stamina|X Fortress Power Tower in the comfort of home. Nothing is more comprehensive than the Fortress Power Tower because even at a gym, you would have to use multiple machines or stations. In fact, the Fortress is the only power tower to include a pull-up bar, dip bar, adjustable plyo box, Stronghold grips, ab straps and Boulder Fit rock climbing hand holds. Rock-Steady Strength With solid steel frame construction, you can be sure that the Fortress Power Tower will provide you with stability while you are increasing your strength - no matter where you're hanging. Even more, the plyo box's non-slip jumping surface allows you to build your lower body strength without the fear of mishap. Versatile - Just Like You The pull-up bar and dip bar give you multiple workout stations for push-ups, pull-up and tricep dips. These same bars also allow you to work your abs with vertical knee raises. For even more of a challenge, try our Stronghold grips and Boulder Fit rock climbing hand holds. When you're ready to work on your lower body, incorporate plyometric training like box jumps, step ups, and single leg squats with the adjustable plyo box. So what are you waiting for? Get strong, get lean and build your Fortress!

50-1755 Material: Steel frame Product Color: red, gray, black Comfort Elements: Foam hand grips and back pad Targeted Training: Total body Assembly: Assembly required Dimensions: 57 x 48.5 x 85 Product Weight: 150 lbs Weight Limit: 250 lbs. Warranty

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