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Wave Water Rowing Machine
Retail Price: $699.95
Sale Price: $599.95
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Real Water Resistance Because the Stamina Wave Water Rowing Machine 1445 incorporates water resistance, users will truly feel as though they are out on the lake or river. Water resistance makes the rowing stroke smoother and more consistent, but most importantly, it offers infinite resistance. Just like rowing on water, faster, harder pushes increase the resistance. To further increase or decrease the resistance, you can add or remove water with the included siphon. Even more, water in the reservoir mimics the sound of moving water, which makes the indoor rowing experience more lifelike. Built to Endure While Building Endurance The Wave Water Rowing Machine is built to last no matter how often you use it. With steel frame construction and rowing beam, the rower can withstand years of prolonged, intense use. Even more, the sturdy, pivoting footplates with straps keep you secure during your workout while the rower itself is stabilized on leveling endcaps with dials. To further motivate you, the rower also comes equipped with a multi-function monitor that tracks distance, time, calories burned, stroke count and strokes per minute. Comfortable and Convenient Concentrate on your workout instead of where, when and how you're going to use your rower. The wide, molded seat accommodates all shapes and sizes and the padded, textured rowing handle makes gripping easy. After your workout, simply fold the rower frame and wheel it to a closet or corner to save space.

Material: Steel frame, nylon rowing strap, padded seat Product Color: Black frame with blue water tank Resistance: Water Comfort Elements: Padded seat, textured rowing handle Targeted Training: Full body strength and cardio Includes: Water Rowing Machine and Owner's Manual Assembly: Some assembly required Dimensions: 85.35 x 20.25 x 33.75 Product Weight: 71.7 lbs Weight Limit: 300 lbs

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