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Head and Neck Support Pillow for Pilates
Retail Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $39.95
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Comfort and Support for Better Performance For more comfort and support during your Pilates workout, invest in the AeroPilates Head and Neck Support Pillow. By contouring the natural curve of your neck, the pillow improves postural alignment for reformer exercises that are performed while lying on your back. However, do not use the pillow for Pilates exercises that require you to lift your hips higher than your head for this may result in pain and possibly injury. With the reformer headrest in the flat position, place the Head and Neck Support Pillow on top of the headrest with the thickest part nearest the carriage so the thick part will be under your neck. Secure the Head and Neck Support Pillow by slipping the elastic band around the headrest. Move the pillow toward you or away from you until it is comfortable.

Recommended use: Use for comfort, support and postural alignment for reformer exercises that are performed while lying on your back Material: Foam filled with stitched vinyl covering that can be wiped clean Product Color: Black Resistance: n/a Comfort Elements: Contoured foam for firm support Targeted Training: Provides comfort and supports neck and head during some Pilates reformer exercises. Not to be used with all reformer exercises. Includes: Stamina® AeroPilates® Head and Neck Support Pillow, owner's manual Assembly: No assembly required Dimensions: 10.5 x 6 x 3 Product Weight: 1 lbs

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