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Five Chord Reformer
Retail Price: $649.95
Sale Price: $449.95
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Description More Customization Means Burning More Fat With the AeroPilates 5-cord Reformer, you can make your workout as intense or easy as you desire. Using more cords is harder on the major mobilizing muscles while fewer cords make the exercise more intense on the core. You can further customize your workout by utilizing either the wider, flared foot bar or AeroPilates' taller, patented Cardio Rebounder. Upgraded to Accommodate You In addition to the Cardio Rebounder and foot bar, the AeroPilates 5-cord Reformer has many other extra features including a wider platform for more upper body space, a standing platform to challenge your balance, fur hand grips and a sturdy steel frame capable of supporting 350 lbs. Even more, the pulley risers allow you to adjust the height of the straps, which alters the angle and intensity of each exercise. Motivation to Keep Rebounding With the two workout DVDs featuring Marjolein Brugman, you'll be even more motivated to use your Pilates reformer. The Basic Workout Package DVD includes two beginner workouts featuring Marjolein Brugman and Skylar Rote. The Basic AeroPilates workout uses the Cardio Rebounder and the Foot bar for a well-rounded strength, flexibility, and cardio workout. The Basic Cardio workout is a simple and effective workout using the Cardio Rebounder to get your heart pumping and the fat burning. These DVDs also include information on the theories and benefits of AeroPilates, a machine overview, spinal movements, familiar terms, rebounding, safety tips and simple rules of body placement.

55-5010 Adjustable resistance with 5 medium-resistance, elastic bungee cords Padded black platform (23.5” wide) Taller (2”) Cardio Rebounder Padded, flared, wider foot bar High density foam shoulder pads Padded, 3-position adjustable head rest Six non-skid supports, two on each end and two in the middle, for added stability Padded hand & foot straps for added comfort Pulley risers for adjustable strap height Standing platform with textured surface for better balance and control 2 DVD’s with 3 Workouts AeroPilates full-color workout wall chart Foldable frame with wheels for easy portability and storage Supports up to 350 lbs. Product weight: 63 lbs. Dimensions assembled: 85”L x 23”W x 20”H Dimensions folded: 44"L x 23"W x 9"H Needs Large Stand (55-4150) Warranty: 3 years on frame, 90 days on parts

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