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Pilates Premier 5510
Sale Price: $499.95

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The Pilates method of body conditioning was originally developed in the 1920's to help dancers and pro-fessional athletes restore and build muscle tone and strength. The Pilates ® Premier" uses these same fitness methods to train and strengthen your whole body ! Each exercise engages the abdominals, training your body to use them in every activity you perform. It allows the user to develop tighter stomach and abdominal muscles, as well as shaping and tightening your buttocks, hip and thighs. The Pilates ® Premier" helps the user to increase their flexibility and coordination to stand taller and move with more grace. With Premier" the user can develop: " Firmer chest " Slimmer hips & thighs " Tighter buttocks " Tighter triceps " Stronger shoulders " Improved biceps " Greater flexibility " Improved coordination " Improved posture " Leaner calves " Trimmer, firmer abdominals " Longer, leaner muscles FEATURES INCLUDE: Stamina Model #: 55-5510 " Quiet, ultra-smooth rollers bear the weight of the sliding carriage as the user moves back and forth for a low-impact workout. " Performs 32 exercises to tone and shape the entire body. " Personal workout video, along with a full color workout chart, provides a complete easy-to-use program. " The heavy-duty elastic cords provide 4 levels of re s i s t a n c e . " Adjustable headrest, along with oversized high density foam shoulder pads, offer additional support. " Heavy-duty steel frame construction with warm wood accents. " Comfortable padded cushion for increased comfort. " Foot bar can be easily removed for storage. " Folds for easy storage. " Adjustable straps and hand grips to fit any user. " Wheels for easy storage. " Non-slip frame caps keep the Pilates

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