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Tibetan Energy Yoga Video
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This simple and revitalizing whole-body system began over ten centuries ago when the yogis of India first brought their secret techniques northward to Tibet. From this meeting, the Tibetan lamas weaved together Indian yoga with their own principles of mind training to create a powerful new set of energy exercises found in no other spiritual tradition. On Tibetan Energy Yoga, respected meditation teacher Lama Surya Das guides us through eight of Tibetan yoga's most effective exercises to master the two vital currents of the body - our solar and lunar energies, as they are known in traditional Tibetan medicine. Originating from the Vajrayana ("lightning" or "diamond") path of Tibetan Buddhism, these practices are meant to benefit users in minutes - not lifetimes - and to generate a pleasurable boost of energy the moment we begin using them. Now, in one exhilarating 30-minute session, here is a way for anyone - from complete beginners to seasoned yoga practitioners - to calm and balance the nervous system, improve breathing, sharpen mental awareness, and restore a healthy and harmonious flow to the dual energy system of the body, with Tibetan Energy Yoga. Includes an 11-page study guide.

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