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Chakra Yoga
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Your chakras are your body's crucial energy centers - each one essential to the health of specific organs, emotions, and forces within you. On Chakra Yoga, you will discover how to use the ancient practice of kundalini yoga, "the waking up of primal energy forces," to unblock these centers - and gain access to their unlimited source of life energy. With master instructor Gurutej Kaur, you will learn 16 asanas- a complete cycle of dynamic moving practices and sacred chants to release blockages in each of your body's energy centers. Used daily, this powerful "workout for your chakras" will initiate kundalini energy flow from the base of your spine, through each chakra, and into your entire biomagnetic field. Western medicine has finally begun to investigate how the body's energy fields regulate health. But how do you begin to work with those energies now? With Chakra Yoga, a complete program to unleash the lifegiving forces within you today. 1 VIDEO-72 MINUTES.

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