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Stress Less Yoga
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At a popular Albuquerque yoga studio, Schoen, who leads a Yoga For Stress Relief class every Friday, asks her students, “How many of you have felt stressed at some point this week?” Hands shoot up before she has even finished her question. For the majority of Americans, stress has become part of their daily routine. But Schoen, along with the growing yoga community, believe that they have the answer. In her new book, Stress Less Yoga, published by Little Pearl Publishing as part of the Just Do Yoga series, Schoen demonstrates how effective yoga can be for not only dealing with the side effects of stress, but also how it can help prevent stress before it even happens. Recent medical studies have shown that even while stress affects everyone differently, such as the study done at UCL that shows how stress can be lethal for some, yoga can be a solution for everyone because of its ability to soothe the nervous system in a variety of ways. “For some people,” explains Schoen, “their stress gets caught in specific parts of the body – like the shoulders and hips – and causes real physical pain.” Others, she notes, have stress manifest in serious emotional issues, which cause depression, anxiety, and unhealthy eating habits. Schoen, who has been teaching yoga since 2008, says that while other solutions can only help people with specific stress-related issues, yoga on the other hand presents a remedy that is thorough and effective for everyone. “The moment someone steps on their yoga mat”, says Schoen, “they are able to escape whatever is causing them stress. The different postures relieve physical tension and the inner focus on their breathing and body alleviate mental stress. You can guarantee that at the end of a good yoga class, you will be feeling ten times better and more relaxed than when you started – and that goes for everyone.” And with the ever-growing community of yogis, the current count is somewhere upwards of nine million globally, it is hard not to believe that there is something truly special about the practice of yoga.

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