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Mouse Pad- Labyrinth
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Taken from the floor of Chartres Cathedral, this ancient labyrinth provided a walking meditation which was an important spiritual practice for early Christian pilgrims. The labyrinth is an archetype found in many spiritual traditions. Unlike a maze, the labyrinth has only one path which quiets the mind as the winding course is followed to its center. Walking the labyrinth involves three stages: purgation-a letting go of distractions as you walk in; illumination-receiving what you came for upon reaching the center; and union-a joining with the sacred as you complete the experience and walk out. Smaller "wall labyrinths" have also been inscribed near the entrances of sacred spaces. The paths of these labyrinths were followed with the finger as a mind-quieting exercise before entering the sacred space. These beautiful full-color 8" x 7" x 1/4" mouse pads quiet the mind and stimulate creativity in your workspace. They have a washable cloth surface for maximum tracking efficiency, and they're made in the USA from high quality, no slip neoprene rubber. Each mouse pad includes a description of the history and significance of it's image.

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