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Mouse Pad- Zen Garden
Sale Price: $9.95
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Gravel raked into a spiral whirlpool pattern is a motif found in many Zen gardens. As the gravel suggests the flow of water, it invites the mind in meditation to focus on the fluidity of the present moment. The Fourteenth century Zen priest Muso Soseki is credited as being the first to consider the garden as a medium for meditation. Muso imbued his gardens with the Zen aesthetic of simplicity and smallness. The influence of Zen transformed Japanese gardens from places of amusement and relaxation to areas for contemplation and solitude. In Zen, the practice of gardening serves as both an active meditation for the gardener and a form of visual instruction for the observer. These beautiful full-color 8" x 7" x 1/4" mouse pads quiet the mind and stimulate creativity in your workspace. They have a washable cloth surface for maximum tracking efficiency, and they're made in the USA from high quality, no slip neoprene rubber. Each mouse pad includes a description of the history and significance of it's image.

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