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The Sacred Chorde CD
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Using music to evoke relaxation and reduce stress is recognized by leading health experts such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Dr. Deepak Chopra. For over 25 years, Steven Halpern's music has been used around the world by millions to deliver an effortless, effective, and enjoyable relaxation experience. His latest releases continue that tradition of excellence. French sound healer Fabien Maman created an extraordinary 77-stringed instrument, the monochorde. Its drone tone produces a breathtaking array of harmonic overtones that transmits healing vibrations and attunes body, mind and spirit. On grand piano, Halpern is inspired to add elements of Celtic, Indian raga and blues to create a historic and emotionally uplifting duet. "A profoundly moving recording that healers, spiritual seekers and piano lovers will want to add to their library." - The Monthly Aspectarian The monochorde produces a drone effect that attunes you to "the field of infinite possibilities." The monochorde's drone tone, however, is unlike any other you've ever heard. When played, the monochorde's 77 strings produce a logarithmic progression of overtones which affect human subtle energy fields. They help us align with the mathematical order of the universe. The resonance of the monochorde and piano offer the entire range - and the vital energy - of overtones. Fabien Maman is a musician, composer, acupuncturist, bioenergetician, and martial artist. He created several systems of healing which draw on his research with energy, sound, color and chi movement. In 1988, he founded Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement, which offers the practical and esoteric application of his research. He is the author of four books, a CD, and several video and audio cassettes.

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