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Brainwave Journey- 4-CDs
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Subtle pulses of sound embedded in an evocative musical soundtrack stimulate your brainwave patterns transporting you to an enhanced "visualization zone." Once there, vivid spoken imagery will guide you through the full-color, three-dimensional worlds in the theater of your mind. Journey of the Mind o Decrystallize mental patterns and belief systems that prevent you from achieving your potential. Utilizes theta waves-the pattern experienced during dreaming-and low alpha waves associated with an alert and relaxed mind. Journey of the Body o Awaken physical healing and rejuvenation down to the cellular level. Low frequency tones and "primal life-pulses" mirror the rhythms of brainwaves, heartbeats and cranio-sacral movements in this ambient musical massage. Journey of the Heart o Stimulate your own inspired imagination and increase your capacity for joy, creativity and love. Theta waves, embedded in the evocative soundscape, help you to open your heart. Journey of the Spirit o Experience freedom as you rise beyond the limitations of your physical being and explore your deeper purpose. Uses the "awakened mind" brainwave pattern—the pattern experienced yogis attain in deep meditation. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s ground-breaking discoveries in the use of sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks for brain entrainment have gained him inter-national recognition. Hold onto your mind as composer and sound therapist Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and guided imagery instructor Owen Morrison take you on a high-tech journey through inner space. 4 CD Set.

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