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Stress Less ® through Visualization
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"Peace of Mind" is a Stress Less ® audio program lesson using visual imagery as a potent technique for inducing physiological healing and relaxation. Dr. Paul Fair guides you through simple exercises to release body tension, pain and discomfort. You'll learn to focus inward, creating visual images that lead to calmness and help you on your path to wellness...against a background of relaxing, custom-composed music. "It's Amazing how good you can feel, when your mind is in shape®" QUANTITY DISCOUNTS, CONTACT US AT CUSTOMERSERVICE@STRESSLESS.COM There is a substantial growing body of scientific and clinical knowledge which demonstrates an inextricable interaction between mind and body. Such an approach empowers individuals and organizations to assume greater responsibility for health as a basis for the development of a true health care system. “Along with spiritual healing, I definitely believe that the cassette helped me to relax and reduce the stress in my life” -G.H., New York, NY stressless stress-less Stress Less®

This Stress Less® audio program can be downloaded right onto your computer. Simply click the Download box above the description and the link to download the program will be emailed to your after you complete the ordering process. Or, specify CD or Cassette.

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