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Living Without Procrastination
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For 40 million Americans, procrastination creates a host of problems from missed opportunities to crippling job and money problems. Even the simplest day-to-day activities can be overwhelmingly difficult to perform. At one time or another, most of us put off a task that has to be done. But for some, procrastination is a chronic and incapacitating problem that makes even the simplest day-to-day activities difficult to perform. This interactive workbook helps readers understand why they procrastinate and learn how to stop the habit. Through real-life examples, worksheets, and self-assessment exercises, Living Without Procrastination lets readers identify their own personal "procrastination style" and provides a wealth of step-by-step techniques for unlearning unproductive patterns, overcoming resistance, and attaining a new sense of purposefulness in their lives. Individual chapters offer specific strategies for taking on issues related to procrastination in studying, at work, and at home. Based on proven techniques and engagingly written, this is a comprehensive source for self-motivation and change. 152 pages

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