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Take Back Your Life
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It's a complaint heard all too often: not enough time--for work, family, hobbies, friends, or yourself. We are a time-starved culture, and as the pace of life continues to quicken, the answer isn't to try and race along with it, but to step back, reassess, do less of what is stressful and more of what is meaningful. What we need is to take back our lives. In Take Back Your Life: Smart Ways to Simplify Daily Living, best-selling author Odette Pollar provides the necessary inspiration and guidelines for reducing the complexity that dominates and detracts from modern life. Eliminating complexity doesn't mean living a compromised or overly restricted life. In fact, by following Pollar's approach, a simplified and streamlined life actually becomes an enriched life for which you will have the time and energy to enjoy yourself and others. Pollar, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of the best-selling Organizing Your Workspace, shows how to: · increase the quality of leisure time · improve your relationships · find a balance between your home and work life. Her practical, clear-sighted steps cover every topic from organizing your household, family, and personal life to moving, shopping, and finance management. Throughout, the focus is on strategies for planning your non-work hours in a way that delivers more happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind. Each chapter, from "Family Matters" and "Stressing Out" to "Saying No" and "Files and Paperwork," includes Action Steps and Tips that are easy to identify and simple to use. Whether it's putting everyone's stuff by the door the night before to prevent frantic last-minute searches in the morning or managing the decision- making process by learning when to stop gathering facts and how to avoid agonizing over the minor stuff, Take Back Your Life is the book to have to simplify daily living.

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